Ramdom shop: limited edition artworks produced by Ramdom (and some friends)


Ramdom is involved with artistic and cultural design and production. The association promotes new creative practices and innovative languages of communication, interacting with citizens and public, private, national and international organisations.

Founded in 2011 at the tip of Italy’s heel by Paolo Mele and Luca Coclite, Ramdom creates and provides training in contemporary art and promotes mobility through masterclass, workshops, exhibitions and residencies.

In 2014 Ramdom launched the programme “Investigating the extreme land”. Artists, curators, culture professionals and citizens are analysing and reflecting on and within marginal contexts through study and artistic production.

Since 2015 we are based on the last train station of Italy, on the south east side: Lastation

More info www.ramdom.net; info(at)ramdom.net

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